Introducing the Classic No. 4 - The Best Just Gets Better!

The MIG Gun That Built America™ - Tweco is excited to announce the introduction of the Tweco Classic No. 4 MIG gun, which replaces the legendary Tweco No. 4.   Tweco Classic Air-Cooled MIG Gun

We took the legendary No. 4 and just made it better!

The Tweco Classic No. 4 is an air-cooled MIG gun with a rating of 400 amps at 60% duty cycle.  Enhancements include higher impact resistant materials, interlocking handle design for superior toughness, an angled trigger for a more comfortable pull and refined, modernized lines.

New Series
The Tweco Classic No. 4 is the first in a new series of enhanced air-cooled MIG guns that will roll out in 2013. The Tweco Classic Series will carry on the tradition of the Tweco No. Series platform, which has stood the test of time since its introduction at the AWS Welding Show in 1969.

Millions of welders will be familiar with the way the paddle shaped handle of a Tweco Classic gun fits in their hand and enables them to manipulate the arc. With these enhancements, they’ll be able to enjoy its heavy-duty, industrial-grade performance for years to come.