With Mike Balboni putting his 3-in-1 welders to the test on a daily basis, Victor Technologies asked him to test the new

Tweco Fusion series of light-duty MIG guns. He immediately recognized some of the gun’s unique features


“Simplicity of design. That’s what’s going to set these guys apart from everybody else,” he says (view video).

Fusion Gun






These guns now come standard on all 3-in-1 welders, and they feature Tweco’s new Velocity MIG consumables platform.

The non-threaded, “drop-in” style contact tip eliminates the need to use vice-grips, welpers or other tools to remove the tip,

even if the wire burns back and fuses inside the tip. The Velocity™ consumables design integrates the gas diffuser

into the conductor tube. This creates an improved all-copper conductor path that provides better electrical conductivity and

transfers heat more efficiently away from the tip.  As a result, the arc becomes more stable and predictable.



Northeast Welding 3The design also eliminates the insulator found on other MIG guns.

Balboni says that insulators often become loose and worn, causing

the nozzle to fall off in the middle of a job.  The Tweco Fusion gun

has eliminated that weak point, “so these guns will never hang on the wall.

They will always be in operation.”



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