Air-Fuel or Oxy-Fuel for Soldering and Brazing?

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Exciting New Products For 2013!

We are excited to share with you an impressive line-up of new products to help kick-off the new year!

Victor® has launched its new 400 Series of oxy-fuel torches and G Series regulators to meet the needs of end-users globally. The 400 series is a two-piece torch that incorporates a patented handle design with an innovative cutting Victor400Torchattachment for better ergonomics, a clearer view of the cutting path, visual cues for easier use and enhanced safety.

When sold as part of the Medalist® 250 and 350 outfits, Victor’s new G Series regulator accompanies the 400 Series torch. G Series regulators use a combination of colors on the gauge face to provide clarity for reading needle position, while a scale and red tick mark indicate actual service pressure of the regulator. The G Series also uses ergonomic color-coded knobs to indicate gas type and for better comfort when adjusting gas pressure.

Tweco® has introduced its new Velocity™ MIG consumables platform. Velocity consumables provide smoother arc characteristics, reduce weld spatter and make it easier for the operator to control the arc. Velocity consumables will be featured on new Tweco Fusion™ light-duty MIG guns and incorporated in all Thermal Arc Fabricator® 3-in-1 Series welders.

TwecoFusionMIGGunIn addition, to help you reduce the cost and complexity of managing your consumables, Tweco has launched a new series of Universal Conduit liners. These patent-pending, two-piece liners feature a liner crimped with a threaded wire guide and adapters that make it compatible with most major MIG gun brands* including Tweco, Lincoln®, Profax®, Miller®, Hobart®, Bernard® and Tregaskiss®.  Now you only need to stock one liner and the various adapters, reducing your inventory costs.


* Lincoln is a registered trademark of Lincoln Electric Co. Profax is a registered trademark of Profax. Bernard, Miller, Hobart and Tregaskiss are registered trademarks of Illinois Tool Works, Inc.  The aforementioned trademarks and their respective owners are in no way affiliated with Victor Technologies International, Inc. Tweco Fuson and Velocity are trademarks; and Victor, Tweco, Thermal Arc, Thermal Dynamics, Medalist, Fabricator, Journeyman and Cutmaster are registered trademarks of Victor Technologies International, Inc.